How can I collect phone numbers?

Form Field

The question type "Form field" is intended to collect the customer's email, name, phone, and date of birth.

1. Simply add a new question and select type "Form field":

2. Select field type "Number":

3. Feel free to add field placeholder, and make the field required to submit.

4. You can add GDPR checkbox, hide progress bar or allow customers to skip this step. All these settings available here:

GDPR settings are only available by adding an 'Email capture' page

5. If you want to collect all customer's information with one step - add other fields and rearrange them as you wish. All the fields have necessary properties that are passed to the Shopify admin and external email marketing services:

Where do the phone submissions go?

Submissions will be added to the Quiz completions table, and Attentive app if this integration is enabled.

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