Quiz Kit Main Dashboard

This page provides an overview of the content available on the initial screen of the Quiz Kit dashboard upon launching the app.

This page will go through the 4 primary sections of the dashboard:

What you will find on this page:

1. Most recent edit

In this section, you can see the latest changes you've made, along with details about the quiz you edited.

This area includes two action buttons. The ellipses (...) button lets you Unpublish, navigate to the quiz settings page, Duplicate the quiz, or Delete it entirely. The Customize button takes you straight to the first step of the quiz settings, where you can customize the questions.

2. Lifetime Revenue & Analytics Snapshot

Here, you can check out the total revenue generated from your quizzes over time. It provides a quick overview of key analytics such as Engagements, the count of captured emails/phones, Revenue, and Average Order Value. You can also customize the view to focus on a particular quiz or date range.

3. Knowledge is Power

Next, there's a direct link that takes you back to our help docs, making it a breeze to locate the answers you need!

4. Other Offerings

Finally, explore some more fantastic options from Presidio. We currently feature Duplify, our app that effortlessly duplicates your Shopify store, and two stunning store themes—Palo Alto and Modular. Give them a look!

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