To add a new question page, just click on 'Add page' and choose 'Question.'

Question Types:

Additional settings

Additional settings for question types encompass:

  • An internal label

  • The option to skip the question

  • Allowing users to select more than one answer

  • Opting not to display the question while creating answer paths

  • For the 'File upload' type, you can specify the file type, permit multiple uploads, and set an error message for failed uploads.


Multiple editing options are available for question contents:


Mainly employed for the primary question situated at the top of the page.


An additional description for more information about the question if required.

Bottom text:

Text to be showcased beneath the answer choices.


A primary image for the question page. You also have the flexibility to edit the image position.


The tooltip serves as an informative feature, revealing extra context when you hover over the ⓘ symbol.

Custom JS:

You can apply any additional JS code to this section.


Numerous editing options are available for Answers:


The primary text to be shown for the answer option.

Description (optional):

Include additional information about this answer text.


Upload an image if your chosen question type allows the use of images.

Leads to:

Specify whether the user progresses to a different question or the results page upon selecting this answer.

Set delivery frequency:

This feature is accessible when subscription integration is enabled.

Redirect URL:

Activate this option if you desire a custom redirect for users who choose this answer.

Mobile slideshow settings:

Our latest mobile slideshow settings enable your customers to smoothly navigate through answers in a carousel format, perfect for smaller screen sizes.

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