Now, let's dive into a closer look at the Analytics

The Analytics page is split into four main categories:

Each category offers distinct metrics that offer valuable insights into not just the effectiveness of your quizzes but also the overall engagement with your customers and products.

Now let's take a closer look at each category!

1. Engagement

In the Engagement section, you can explore a timeline depicting the engagement percentage within your selected date range, the ratio of captured emails/phones, and the overall revenue.

This provides insight into how many quizzes were completed relative to the number of times they were viewed by a customer.

2. Visitors

Within the Visitors section, you get a glimpse into the number of people who finished your quiz, those who added a product after completing it, and pinpoint the specific question that led customers to abandon the quiz.

3. Orders

Under Orders, you receive an overall Conversion rate, indicating how many orders were placed as a result of taking your quiz. It also provides the Average order value of the cart and tracks the Total orders over time.

Remember, in this context, 1 order = 1 product bought from the quiz.

Finally, in the Popular section, you can see the top products that customers purchase after completing your quiz, along with the most popular answers they provide.

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