How do I delete the Quiz Kit app?

How to delete aka cancel your subscription

Uninstalling Shopify apps often leaves a significant amount of residual code, impacting performance and complicating future debugging and code maintenance. To delete the Quiz Kit app, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Quiz Kit app on the apps page and click "Remove."

  2. After this action, our app's code will be eliminated from all themes, with the exception of the home page section. It's crucial to understand that app deletion results in the non-functionality of your quiz. To prevent issues, hide the relevant pages or sections before initiating this process.

Removing the "Quiz Kit" Homepage Section: Note: The section in the theme editor won't be removed automatically and requires manual action.

  1. Go to the theme editor, find and open the Quiz Kit section.

  2. Choose the "Remove section" option to finalize the elimination process.

We only store your Quiz Kit data for 3 days after you unsubscribe. If you need to keep your data past the 3 days, please reach out to support at:

By following these steps, you ensure a cleaner uninstallation process for the Quiz Kit app, minimizing code residue and potential performance issues.

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