There are four distinct methods to make your quiz available to your customers. Here is a brief overview of each.

For more comprehensive instructions, click into each method to access its dedicated page.

4 ways to publish

Embed the quiz directly onto its dedicated page, and customize the standalone page settings as needed.

  1. In the quiz editor, navigate to Publish > Add to Page.

  2. Within this area, you can either Preview the page or Edit it. Let's begin by exploring the Preview page option.

  3. Preview page will open an external tab, allowing you to see the full-page preview of your quiz.

  4. Return to the previous tab and select 'Edit page.'

  5. Edit page will direct you to the page settings within the Online Store section in your Shopify dashboard.

Integrate the quiz as a section within the online store theme editor on an existing page.

For step by step instructions click here

Setup the quiz to appear as a popup when the user clicks a specified link or button.

For step by step instructions click here

Embed a code snippet into a designated section of your site's HTML on a selected page.

For step by step instructions click here

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