These settings encompass the overall and universal configurations for your selected quiz. Within this section, you can:

  • Modify your quiz name

  • Locate your Quiz key

  • Enter your notification email

  • Activate automated emails for each quiz submission

  • Enable logic jumps

  • Enable automatic redirection to the next question upon selecting an answer

  • Enable immediate redirection to a custom URL after selecting an answer

  • Permit duplicate questions

  • Associate answer names as tags to subscribed customers

  • Deactivate order properties

  • Activate results marketing fields


In the Layout section, you can establish a minimum height for your quiz section and select from a list of available animations for your various pages:


Within the discount settings, you can choose the designated discount code for use upon quiz completion. Additionally, you have the option to:

  • Display the discount code before the results page

  • Showcase the discount code on the results page

  • or reveal the discount code exclusively to users who have provided their email or phone.

Add to Cart

This is the section where you can customize the 'Add to Cart' settings for your quiz. You have the ability to:

  • Activate 'Add to Cart' functionality

  • Enable distinct product recommendations

  • Turn off automatic redirection to the Cart

  • Turn off the Add to Cart success popup

  • Specify the behavior for 'Add to Cart'


Here is the section where you can adjust the settings for recommendations once a customer finishes the quiz. You have several options, including:

  • Opening recommended products in a new window

  • Displaying only in-stock products

  • Recommending products with a predefined quantity

  • Excluding specific products from recommendations

  • Ignoring the store's currency format

  • Addressing any issues with the frequency select box showing broken or incorrect information

Additionally, you can opt for a preselected purchase option to be displayed by default.


This feature is available for middle or higher plans

In this section, you can incorporate personalized options to enhance your customers' interaction with your quiz, including:

  • Status updates for returning customers

  • Dynamic settings to personalize your store's navigation menu

  • Integration of a 'your match' block tailored to your store theme

  • A dedicated section for recommended products


In the Tracking settings, you have the option to enable or disable Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. This is also the section where you can input event names for different segments of your quiz.


Within the integrations section, you choose the properties to be linked to your customer's profile. This area is also where you select your accessible list from your preferred CRM integration.


In the Translations section, you have the ability to modify the language used in your quiz, including:

  • Questions

  • Email/SMS

  • Discounts

  • Results

  • Subscriptions

Adjustments can be made to navigation text, back button label, next button label, results, and more.

Results email template

In this section, you activate the results email dispatched to the customer upon completing your quiz.

You can also enable and modify other features, including:

  • Displaying the discount code section

  • Revealing the customer's responses

  • Enabling a retake quiz option

  • Modifying the results description

Additionally, you have the flexibility to edit the contents of your email.

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