Style settings are divided into two sections.


Global settings include options that impact variables found throughout the quiz, spanning most, if not all, pages.


Typography allows you to choose a custom font for your quiz or inherit the font from your online store theme settings. Additionally, you have the option to select different fonts for the headings, body, and buttons within your quiz.


Customize the appearance of buttons for each question in your quiz.

Input fields

Select the style for the field where your users input their desired information.


Customize the appearance and style of the tooltip (ⓘ) on the page.

Progress Bar

Customize the appearance of your progress bar as users navigate through your quiz.

To utilize this feature, you must have logic set up with a predetermined number of questions.

Custom CSS

Enhance your styling by incorporating custom CSS in addition to the provided settings here.


Page settings are more specific to the four sections of content in your quiz: Introduction, Questions, Answers, and Results.


You can fine-tune the Introduction page settings at a more detailed level, including typography adjustments, button appearance, and diverse background styles.


Similar to the settings for 'Introduction,' you have the ability to edit various elements of the question pages, such as the aesthetics of headings and subheadings, along with the optional bottom text.


You'll encounter comparable editing options for 'Answers,' with the added capability to deactivate the transparent background.


In the 'Results' settings, you'll find similar editing options for pages. The distinction lies in your ability to select specific action buttons to display at the conclusion of your quiz such as:

General Results Page

  • Hide "Add to bag" button

  • Hide "Add all to bag" button

  • Hide "Retake Quiz" button


  • Make "Add to bag" button full width

  • Show quantity picker

  • Show description

  • Show vendor

  • Show money saved

  • Show product title only

  • Show product featured image instead of variant image

  • Show product second image instead of variant image

  • Show all product images

  • Show variant name instead of product title

  • Show variants as boxes

  • Show variants as separate product items

  • Hide variants

  • Hide price

  • Hide links from product image and title

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