Results are the most important part of your quiz setup. Once you've created the intro page and added questions, you can start configuring the results pages. Take advantage of Quiz Kit's new AI auto results!

The results page will vary depending on the results logic you chose for your quiz. There are 6 different results logics to choose from:

  1. Basic (default)

  2. Single

  3. Points

  4. Product weight

  5. Result weight

  6. Combination

To adjust your results logic or explore the various available types, you can locate them within the Recommendations section in Settings:

When setting up your results, there are four crucial elements to consider:

Results Editor

You'll find that the results section mirrors the layout of your Quiz builder interface, featuring three primary sections:

  1. The left section neatly organizes your distinct results paths and customizable elements. It's also where you can activate our innovative AI Auto Results feature.

  2. The middle section provides a real-time preview of each results page, showcasing how customers will view them.

  3. The rightmost section is where you can fine-tune the content, results products, and styling for each segment of your results.

Note: If you are using the conditional logic type, the 'any' option will only be available if the current question:

  • Has an input type

  • Has only one answer

  • Can't be skipped

Select the appropriate answers for each question according to your desired result path, and then simply click on the "Save" button!

Fallback result

Your "Fallback Result" serves as a safety net, displaying outcomes if a customer navigates a path not accounted for in your designated results. This feature proves invaluable for stores with numerous products, as it anticipates the diverse paths customers may take.

By employing the fallback result, you guarantee your customers receive recommendations regardless of their journey. Optimize this feature by highlighting your top-selling products or items that align best with your quiz theme.

To select your fallback result, navigate to "Fallback Result" and then to "Recommendation." From there, choose the products you wish to recommend from the options provided on the right-hand side.


In the 'Type' settings, you determine the outcome for the results once your customer finishes the quiz.

In the dropdown, you have the options to select from:


The most frequent type is Products, indicating that you recommend particular products based on your customers' answers.


Collection enables you to suggest an entire collection of products from your store.


Tag type recommendations will suggest products based on the tags you've applied to them.

Now, you can enhance these recommendations by using both "and"/"or" logic with your tags!


Text permits you to display any text you desire on the results page. If a specific path in your quiz doesn't necessitate a product recommendation, using text is more suitable for conveying a message.

URL Redirect

URL Redirect automatically directs the customer to a specified URL.

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