Results are the most important part of your quiz setup. Once you've created the intro page and added questions, you can start configuring the results pages. Take advantage of Quiz Kit's new AI auto results!
The results page will vary depending on the results logic you chose for your quiz. There are 6 different results logics to choose from:
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  3. 6.
When setting up your results, there are four crucial elements to consider:
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Your customers' answers are what create the 'answer path' and affect what is recommended on the results page.
Just hit 'create path,' and a popup shows up with your past questions and answer options.
If you don't feel like picking a specific answer, no worries—just skip and choose 'any' from the dropdown.
Note: If you are using the conditional logic type, the 'any' option will only be available if the current question:
  • Has an input type
  • Has only one answer
  • Can't be skipped
Choose answers for each question, then hit 'Create path.'


In the 'Type' settings, you determine the outcome for the results once your customer finishes the quiz.
In the dropdown, you have the options to select from:


The most frequent type is Products, indicating that you recommend particular products based on your customers' answers.


Collection enables you to suggest an entire collection of products from your store.


Tags automatically assign a designated tag to the customer's profile, facilitating future segmentation.


Text permits you to display any text you desire on the results page. If a specific path in your quiz doesn't necessitate a product recommendation, using text is more suitable for conveying a message.

URL Redirect

URL Redirect automatically directs the customer to a specified URL.


What you can recommend depends on what you picked for your result path earlier. Here, you just choose the specific product(s), collection, tags, or put in the URL for redirection.


After configuring your paths, selecting a results type, and specifying recommendations, you can now click 'Create' to complete your new path!
Once created, the button will change to 'Edit page.' Here, you can preview your newly crafted path result page.