Shopify Checkout UI

Checkout extensibility opens new ways to customize checkouts on Shopify

This feature is available only for Shopify+ stores with Quiz Kit middle or higher subscription

Easily show quiz results or other products on the checkout page.

How to connect?

Navigate to the Integrations page in the left sidebar:

Open Shopify tab -> Shopify checkout UI and click "Settings":

Click on "Activate" to enable the feature:

How to customize?

You may select which products will be shown for customers on checkout.

Quiz Kit has three options:

  • Result products - if the customer passes the quiz then the customer's recommendation will be shown on the checkout page.

Note, user should be logged in and leave the same email while passing the quiz.

You can set max 4 products to be shown.

  • Fallback products - show specific products for customers on checkout page even if they haven't passed the quiz.

Select up to 4 products:

  • Personal smart recommendations - show smart recommendations on the checkout page.

Activate personalization, enable smart recommendations, and add relevant sections to your online store theme.

Checkout UI elements will automatically inherit the store brand settings.

How to add extension to checkout page?

Go to the Store settings -> Checkout and accounts and click on "Go to checkout editor":

In the editor screen select "Add app":

From available app extensions select Quiz Kit upsell products.

Upsell product section can be moved to any available location on the page.

Recommended products will be shown when the customer will pass the quiz with the email address left in email capture and log in on the checkout page or already logged in.

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