How do I make published quiz on a page full-width?

If you published your quiz on a page and it doesn't look good, follow the instructions below to fix it.


Publish your quiz on any page, then proceed to 'Online Store.'

Click the ellipses (...) to expand the menu.

Select 'Edit code.'

Click 'Add a new template' under Templates.

For the template type, opt for 'page.'

Choose 'liquid' and assign a suitable name of your choice, such as 'quiz-kit.'

Click 'Done.'

  1. Copy this code {{ page.content }} paste it to the file and hit "Save" button.

  2. Come back to the page editor(reload the page if it was already opened) and select newly created template "quiz-kit" and don't forget to hit the "Save" button.


  1. You need to do that only once for all your Quizzes. When it's done just assign "quiz-kit" template to all your Quiz pages.

  2. If you've published your quiz not to the current theme, repeat steps #2 - #5 to the theme where you published your quiz to.

  3. If at some point you'll notice that your quiz is not full-width anymore repeat steps #2 - #5 to the current theme.

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