How do I create a quiz with logic jumps?

Logic jumps involve directing the user to a specific question based on their answer. Consequently, a user's quiz experience is shaped by their responses, rather than following the predetermined order of the quiz questions.

How to enable logic jumps

Navigate to your quiz builder settings and click enable:

How to establish a logic chain

Once you've crafted a few questions, configure your quiz so that a specific answer directs you to a particular question through the "Leads to" dropdown. The "Leads to" option is visible only if logic is activated in the settings.

Please be aware: if you've enabled the ability for customers to choose multiple answers for a question, you won't be able to assign jumps to individual answers. This limitation arises because customers may select answers with different jumps, making it unclear where to direct them. Therefore, if you wish to maintain the option for multiple selections in that question, you'll need to set the "Leads to" value for the entire question rather than per answer.

Take the time to review your quiz and establish the logic for each answer option. If no specific logic is set for a particular question, the "Results page" will be designated as the default.

Add internal labels to questions

You can assign an Internal label to each question. This label serves as a note to assist you in tasks like determining logic paths. It's important to note that these labels remain invisible to your customers:

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