How do I collect emails on my quiz?

Capture emails and turn your quiz into a powerful lead generation tool!

Quiz kit has two ways of collecting customers' emails:

  • Contact form

  • Form question

Contact form

The question type "Contact form" is intended to collect the customer's email, name, phone, and date of birth.

1. Simply add new question and select type "Contact form":

2. Add field page type, 'Email capture':

3. Feel free to add field placeholder, and make the field required to submit.

Enable email validation if you want customers to submit only real email addresses:

  1. You can add GDPR checkbox, hide progress bar or allow customers to skip this step. All these settings available here:

5. If you want to collect all customer's information with one step - add other fields and rearrange them as you wish. All the fields have necessary properties that are passed to the Shopify admin and external email marketing services:

How to collect emails from form question

You can collect emails with question type "Form" as well.

Create question with this type:

Add as many fields as you want. The field that intended for collecting emails should have marketing property name "Email":

How to attach customers' answers to their profile

That's easy! Just enable this option on the Settings page and hit 'Save'

If you want to customize tags that will be added per each answer - just edit the corresponding field on the question page:

Including new "Segments" feature that Shopify launched, you can segment your customers directly on Shopify customers page and send them different emails etc.

Where you can find captured emails

Submissions will be added to the Shopify customers list and the email marketing status will be set to “Subscribed”. These customers will have the tag “Quiz Kit app subscriber” so you can easily identify how these customers were added (and even create a customer segment for targeted marketing with apps like Klaviyo).

Also, all customer's answers including emails are saved in Quiz Kit dashboard: Main navigation > Submissions:

Using email marketing apps

Quiz Kit integrates with the most widespread email marketing apps like klavio, omnisend, mailchimp, and attentive. You can find more info about configuring integrations with these apps below in related articles:

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