How do I pass customers' answers to the following questions or results?

How can I transfer customers' answers to subsequent questions or results using Quiz Kit?

Quiz Kit provides the functionality to pass customers' answers to the next set of questions and results. Here's how it works with different question types:

For Form and Contact Form Questions: Suppose you have a form question asking for the customer's name, and you want to use this name in the next question to personalize the quiz. Follow these steps:

  • Add the variable {question name} to the next question (e.g., {First name} in the image above).

  • The answer from the first question will be automatically inserted into the heading of the next question, making the quiz more personalized.

For Other Question Types: Simply add {1}, where 1 represents the question number, to the title or description of the next question. This reference is to the answer from question #1. You can customize it by changing the question number, such as {2} for the answer from question 2.

Where can you use the previous question's answer?

In the next question's title or description or in the Subheading, Heading, or Description of the results page, add in your {1} and {2}

In the subtitle, title, or description of the result email.

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