Embed in a popup

This feature is available for Middle and higher plans.

By selecting 'Embed in a popup,' you can incorporate your quiz either as a link or as a button:

  1. In the 'Add as a link' tab, copy the code provided in step 1.

  2. Decide whether you want to place the link in your navigation bar or elsewhere on your page.

  3. Paste the link in your chosen location, and you're ready to go!

Add as a button: Watch tutorial

  1. For 'Add as a button,' copy the code from the 'Add as a button' tab.

  2. Navigate to 'Online Store > Themes > Customize.'

  3. Add a block where you want the link to appear.

  4. Choose the 'Start Quiz' button.

  5. Paste your link, and you're all set!

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