Single Logic generates product recommendations according to the customers' selected answers. This logic tailors recommendations on the results page to a single response per question.

Setting up single results logic

  1. Start by heading over to the Settings tab, click Recommendations and make sure you switched to the Single logic. Here you should also define the limit of products that you want to display on the result page.

Connecting answers to products

  1. Navigate to the Quiz tab and simply associate answers with products. To do this, click on an answer, scroll down to the Selected products section and choose what products to show on the Results page when a user chooses this option.

  2. After you set recommendations, it's time to configure the results page.

  3. Go to the Results tab, click the Fallback result button and then “Recommendation”.

    • For example, keep the result type as 'Products', and assign at least 1 fallback product. Fallback products will only show up if you forget to assign products to the answers.

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