First Time User Guide

Use this guide to navigate your Quiz Kit journey with confidence!

Welcome to Quiz Kit - after successfully installing Quiz Kit, follow these simple onboarding steps to get started. This doc will explains the core features and options you will have access to, and direct you to other necessary resources that will help you get set up.

Some steps are optional, but best practices for getting the most out of Quiz Kit (trust us 😄)!

Table of Contents

1. Start from the End

Before diving into the quiz creation process, take a moment to envision the end result. What do you want your customers to gain from your quiz? Having a clear end-result in mind will guide you through the creation process.

Consider the following as you strategize and outline your quiz:

  • What do you want your customers to gain from your quiz?

  • What do you want to gain from creating this quiz?

  • What products or services on your Shopify store do you want your customers to buy with this quiz?

Open up a new document or, if you prefer the classic approach like myself, grab a pen and paper. Start jotting down these ideas. Taking your time with this initial step will go a long way down the road once you start building your quiz.

Happy quizzing!

2. Map it Out

Create a rough outline of your quiz structure. Determine the number of questions, the order they should appear in, and any other logic you want to include.

This will serve as a roadmap during the quiz creation process.

During your mapping process, think about what type of information you want to gain from your customers.

3. Template vs. No Template

Decide whether you want to start with a template or build your quiz from scratch. Templates can be a time-saving option, providing a structure for various quiz types.

Blank template: If you prefer starting from scratch, try starting with a blank template. It gives you complete freedom to create a quiz that aligns with your personal style and objectives, without any preset limitations.

Template selection: If you're unsure about where to begin, we provide a wide variety of pre-designed templates. Simply pick one that aligns with your quiz's theme, and it'll give you a head start in creating an engaging and interactive quiz.

4. Get Your Assets Ready

Skip this step if you're using a template

Prepare your image files that you want to incorporate into your quiz. Having these assets ready will streamline the content creation process. Download them all and save them in a folder on your desktop for easy access when you need them.

Here are some online resources that offer free stock images to use (just be mindful of any image assets you use. Make sure that you're using properly licensed images if you are getting them for free):

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