This feature is available for "Basic" or higher plans.

Quiz Kit app allows you to add new customers to your omnisend account. The questions and answers that the customer chose while going through the quiz will be attached to that customer as custom properties!

How to connect

Go to your integration settings.

Under the Email marketing tab, click 'Connect' with Omnisend.

In the popup, paste your Private API key. You'll find a link below the field guiding you on obtaining your private API key.

Save your settings!

Here is an article about how to get the private API key.

You're ready to go! All completed quizzes will now be transmitted to your Omnisend account, with questions and answers set as customer custom properties. This allows you to create segments based on the responses.

How to transfer customers' names and emails to Omnisend?

Click 'Add page' and choose 'Form field.'

To pass the first name to Omnisend, enter 'firstName' in the 'Marketing property name' field.

For collecting email addresses, select 'Email capture' under 'Add page.'

This generates a customizable email capture page. Remember to select 'Enable fake email validation.'

You're all set!

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