Google Analytics

This feature is available for "Middle" and higher plans.

Quiz Kit app allows you to add your own google analytics events to track different actions.

Make sure you've already enabled google analytics 4 for your store. The detailed manual on this topic can be found here

How to connect?

Navigate to the integrations page in the left sidebar:

Go to Analytics & Tracking tab -> Google analytics section and click "Enable":

Navigate to the "Settings" screen in the upper toolbar and select "Tracking" tab:

You can also enable and disable google analytics integration here:

Create custom events

At this step, you have to create custom events in GA.

You can use any event name for tracking the following events: quiz started, customer subscribing, question answered, and quiz completed. Type your event name into the relevant fields and don't forget to save your changes:

How to add custom tags to GTM

Go to the google tag manager from the google analytics dashboard:

Let's create custom tags.

Navigate to tags screen in the GTM dashboard and click "New":

Use the event name from Quiz Kit dashboard for creating trigger as well. Trigger type should be "Custom event":

In the other words - use event name you've set in the quiz settings everywhere for the event name during tag creation.

Save your tag and submit it.

You're done! At this point, all events will now be tracked by google analytics.

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