Basic (default)

Basic Logic provides suggestions according to a specific combination of responses. This option requires you to manually link a series of questions and answers to products that will be recommended on the results page.

Create results path

When creating a path, a popup will appear, displaying all the existing questions in your quiz. For each question, designate the answer(s) you want to associate with this particular path.

Recommendation type

Next, you'll need to select the type of recommendation. There are 5 options available for you to choose from:


Provide product suggestions tailored to your customers' responses.


Provide a specific collection of products tailored to your customers' responses.


Choose tag(s) to be assigned to your customer according to their responses.


Write a message to appear on the results page according to your customers' responses.

URL Redirect

Based on their responses, the customer will be redirected to a specific URL.

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