Integrating Yotpo Email Marketing & SMS with Presidio Quiz Kit enhances customer engagement and boosts conversions.

Integration benefits

Yotpo’s tools enable personalized, timely messages, while Presidio Quiz Kit gathers valuable customer insights through interactive quizzes. This combination allows for highly targeted marketing campaigns based on quiz responses, creating a seamless customer journey and increasing satisfaction and loyalty.

How to connect

  1. Install Yotpo Email Marketing & SMS as a sales channel within your Shopify account.

  2. Create an account and login to Yotpo.

  3. Open up Quiz Kit and navigate to the integrations section.

  4. Under Yotpo, click the connect button to integrate.

  5. Verify the connection is successful by checking out Yotpo's integration section.

Creating a customer list

  1. Navigate to List and Segments in Yotpo.

  2. Click on the Create audience button, and then Create from list.

  3. Click on New empty list and give it a name. Hit save.

Selecting a list for your Quiz

  1. Open up your quiz on Quiz Kit.

  2. Click settings on the left icon menu and then integrations.

  3. Scroll down on the list of available integrations and click Yotpo.

  4. Click the dropdown menu and select the desired list. Be sure to refresh the page if you don't see your list in the dropdown options.

Creating flows based on your quiz answers

Once you have a list created, you can use it to build out a flow within Yotpo.

  1. Open up Yotpo and click Flow>My Flows on the left side menu.

  2. Click theCreate flow button.

  3. Start with a trigger. Click the Choose trigger button and scroll down on the list of options to find Quiz Kit.

  4. Once selected, the trigger will branch out options and an end flow.

  5. Click Add condition. Pick Custom Profile Property from the list of conditions.

  6. Open the Select custom property dropdown and choose which quiz question you'd like to create a flow for. The list of questions that appear in Yotpo are the same as the ones you've created in Quiz Kit.

  7. Type: String.

  8. Select operation contains and type out the answer your customer will need to select in order to qualify for your list.

  9. Next, click Add action. On the left, click Add to list and pick from the lists you've already created, or add new list.

  10. Continue building the flow as needed. :)

Connecting Yotpo and Presidio Quiz Kit empowers you with targeted, personalized marketing. Follow this guide to integrate, create lists, and build flows. Need help? Reach out to our support team!

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