This feature is available for "Middle" or higher plans.

You can use a ton of apps with Zapier through Quiz Kit integration.

How to connect?

You should have zapier account.

Sign up or log in to your zapier account.

Navigate to the Integrations page in the left sidebar:

Go to Analytics & Tracking tab -> Zapier section and click "Settings":

In Zapier settings popup you can find the instructions:

Follow the link and hit "Accept invite & Build zaps" button

Copy the store name & API key and finish the integration here.

Press "Yes, continue". Congrats! You are connected.

How to configure

Go to the Zapier dashboard. You should be logged in.

Create zap

Click on "Create zap" on the zapier dashboard menu

Configure a trigger

Set up a trigger -> search for and select "Quiz Kit" as the trigger app:

After connecting Quiz Kit, you'll be prompted to choose a trigger event. Select the appropriate trigger event based on your requirements. For example, you might choose "Quiz completed" if you want to trigger a zap whenever a new quiz is finished.

Select from two available trigger events:

  • Quiz abandonment

  • Quiz completed

Click on "Continue" and follow the instructions to authenticate your Quiz Kit account and set up any necessary permissions:

Choose account -> Select Quiz Kit from the dropdown:

Click on "Continue button" -> Enter the Quiz key.

In order to define the quiz key go to Quiz Kit app → Navigate to Quiz Settings page → General tab → Copy quiz key from Quiz settings section:

Paste Quiz key into the zap trigger tab and click continue:

Test your zap

After completing the trigger setup, test your zap to ensure the trigger event is working correctly.

Open the quiz connected to the current zap in your storefront and pass the quiz with a valid email address.

Return to the zap creation and click on "Test trigger" in the test tab:

If trigger was set up correctly - test data will be shown here:

Click on "Continue with selected record" and proceed to the action step.

Configure action

Once you've completed the trigger setup, you can move on to configuring the action step of your zap.

Click on the "Action" in the zap editor and search for the app you want to connect with quiz Kit. Select the app and the specific action you want to perform when the trigger event occurs:

Follow the instructions to authenticate your chosen app and set up the required parameters for the action step. This will vary depending on the app you selected.

Custom properties

Let's look at how Quiz Kit custom properties work with Google sheets.

Custom properties within Quiz Kit function as variables that allow you to capture and articulate crucial characteristics pertaining to customers' responses.

1. Select google sheets from action events apps

2. Choose action event. For example, "Create spreadsheet row":

Press "Continue" and lead to the next step.

3. Connect google account - Zapier may automatically connect accounts or access permissions to create, edit documents, etc.

4. Setup action.

Create a spreadsheet you want to use for collecting customers' data and add columns to the sheet. If you already have spreadsheet just select it:

Once you select spreadsheet and worksheet, zapier pulls available columns headers:

Select needed Quiz Kit custom properties for each columns:

5. Test you action.

Proceed to the next step and press "Test action":

Once you're satisfied with the setup, give your zap a name and turn it on.

Congratulations! You have successfully connected Quiz Kit with zapier, and your zap will now automate actions based on the trigger events from Quiz Kit.

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