Data and Analytics

Quiz Kit provides a comprehensive overview of customers' answers to all quiz questions, offering valuable data for future recommendations. While this page focuses specifically on analytics, you can also explore information on revenue calculation, conversion rates, and A/B testing setup.

Conversion & Revenue

A/B Testing

Analytics Overview

To access customer analytics, navigate to the analytics page from the Shopify admin panel.

Choose the quiz from the dropdown and set your desired date range:

Upon selecting the quiz, you'll gain insights into:

  • Revenue

  • Conversion rate

  • Quiz sessions

  • Quiz completions

  • Emails collected

  • Number of products added to the cart

  • Most viewed products

  • Three most frequently selected answers per question

  • Most abandoned questions

Submissions Table

For a detailed view, go to the submissions page from the Shopify admin panel.

The submissions table includes the customer's email, quiz questions with answers, and recommended product(s) based on responses. Each question is presented in a separate view.

To download the table with customer answers, simply click the "Export" button, and an *.xlsx file will be downloaded.

Email Notifications

Receive prompt notifications with quiz answers, customer contact information, and results by enabling the automated email feature. To activate this, go to the settings page, open the general tab, and check the 'send automated email' checkbox.

The default notification email is pre-set but can be changed if needed. Ensure to save any changes made.

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