The combination logic merges elements of both basic and single recommendation logics. The results are shaped not only by the individual answers provided at the quiz's end but also by the combination of these answers.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to establish a limit on the number of products recommended. This logic allows for the simultaneous utilization of both basic and single logics.

Setting up single results logic

  1. To start, head over to the Settings tab, click Recommendations and make sure you switched to the Combination logic. Here you should also define the limit of products that you want to display on the result page.

Mapping out results

  1. Go to the Results tab and map out each possible combination of answers that your customers might get when taking a quiz. To do this, simply select answers for each question on the right sidebar.

    • If you have a question with the ability to select multiple answers , you can choose AND logic. It means that this path will be recommended to customers who choose BOTH of these answers.

    • If you choose OR, then the same path will be recommended to customers who choose EITHER of these answers

  2. Once you've mapped out your first basic result path, it's time to choose what you’d like to recommend or show to customers who get this combination of answers.

  3. Head over to the Quiz tab to connect your answers with some products. These products will be added to the result page to any path so that customers will get a combination of products that you selected to the path AND to the answers.

  4. To assign products to answers, click on an answer, scroll down to the Selected products section and choose what products to add to the Results page when a user chooses this option.

  5. And that's it! Hit save and preview to see your quiz in action.

P.S. Don't forget to set up a fallback result. It will display if a customer chooses an answer path that you haven’t defined.

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