How do I collect emails on my quiz?

Quiz Kit allows you to capture emails from customers, a power lead-generation tool.

You can add a newsletter form to the Quiz result page with the checkbox titled "Add an email capture field before showing the quiz results". In order to do that, go to "Styles & Settings" quiz page, choose the "Install Settings" tab, and mark the "Add an email capture field before showing the quiz results" checkbox in the result page section:

Once you click on the checkbox, set the text for the email capture field. The default copy is “Join our newsletter for exclusive discounts” (see screenshot below), but can be changed as needed:

Where do the email submissions go?

Submissions will be added to the Shopify customers list and the Email Marketing status will be set to “Subscribed”. These customers also have the tag “Quiz Kit App Subscriber” so you can easily identify how these customers were added to your store as customers (and even create a customer segment for targeted marketing with apps like Klaviyo).