How do I configure my quiz results?

Quiz Kit allows you to add an unlimited number of results to your quiz. 
Once you have already created an intro and added questions to your quiz you can start configuring the product results pages! 

Navigating to the Results page

The first thing you need to do is to click on "Result" in the quiz toolbar:

Fallback (default) Result

Once you land on the Results page, you'll notice that one Fallback result already exists by default. The fallback product is displayed if an answer is not mapped to a product. 

In order to change the Type, Products (up to 20 products), or Text content for the Fallback result select the appropriate element:

Don't forget to click on green Update button if you want to save your changes:

Add Results to Your Quiz

Quiz Kit allows you to add an unlimited number of results to your quiz. You can configure a custom Result page in the Create results section. Keep in mind that you can add no more than 20 products per results page.

Customize the Results page:

In the "Type" column you can customize the content that shows up on the Result page:

First, you need to choose result type:

  1. Products recommendation - if you want to recommend products.
  2. Text recommendation - if you want to make text recommendations.
  3. Redirect to custom URL - if you want to redirect customers that selected this answer path to landing page, collection page, or any other URL.

If you selected "Products recommendation" click the "Select products" button (see screenshot below) in order to add the product(s) for this Result page. The product(s) you choose will be displayed on this results page. 

In the next step, you will configure the answer path that displays this product in the step below. 

The answer path is the answers a user must select to be displayed on this results page. 
Once you click "Create path", you'll see the popup with previously created questions and dropdowns with answers. If you don't want to select answer for question, you can just skip that step and select the “Any” option from dropdown.
Note: if you are using conditional logic "Any" option will be available only if:
a) Current question has "Input" type
b) "Skip" option is turned on
c) "Multi select" option is turned on
Select answers you want add to path and click "Create path" button. Don't forget to click on "Create" button for saving added result:
After saving the result, you can change text content:

The Result Name won't be shown to your customers. 

You can create as many unique results pages as you want. 

Repeat previous steps for line with status "Draft" if you'd like to continue adding new results to your quiz, or go to "Settings" to style the recently created one.
You can customize you result page later on by navigating to the "Settings" > "Styles" > "Results Page":