How do I configure my quiz results?

Quiz Kit allows you to add an unlimited number of results to your quiz. 

In order to start adding the Result pages to your quiz, it would be perfect if you already have the created Intro and the Questions. It's not an obligatory step for now, but it's nice to have them both done before you start adding the Results.

Navigating to the Results page

The first thing you need to do is to click on "Choose Products" in the quiz toolbar to navigate to the Results page:

Fallback (default) Result

Once you land on the Results page, you'll notice that one Fallback result already exists by default (see screenshot below). You can also edit Fallback results by clicking "Edit" in the bottom left-hand corner and add гз ещ 4 products to it:

Add Results to Your Quiz

Quiz Kit allows you to add an unlimited number of the results to your quiz. Each Result page has unique text, which makes your quiz even more interesting for the customers and allows you to offer them the best products according to their quiz results, tastes, and needs. 

In order to add the results, click on the “Add result” button and you'll navigate to the Result editor. Keep in mind that you can add no more than 4 products for the result.

Customize the Result page

Under the "Result" heading, you can customize the content that shows up on the Result page.

Click the "Select products" button (see screenshot below) in order to add the product(s) for the Result page. The product(s) you choose will be related to the answer path you create in a minute (see the next step below). 

Feel free to edit the Subtitle and Title of your Result page and add the description (see screenshot above).

Now it's time to create the Answer path - the combination of the quiz answers which is related to the particular recommended product you've chosen previously. 

Once you click "Add answer path", you'll see the popup with a message on how to create the answer path. Click "Start" for adding the answer path to your quiz:

All you need to do is to go through the quiz, question by question, and choose the answer option from each question: when you land on the first question, choose the answer(s) option you prefer and go to another question by clicking the "Next" arrow if the question allows multiple answers. If the multiple answers feature disabled next question will be loaded immediately once you select the answer:

Once you go through the quiz and choose all the necessary answers, you land on the Result page, where you'll find the created Answer path with all the chosen quiz answers, which will be related to the particular recommended product you've chosen previously (see screenshot below). In a nutshell, when the users go through the same answer path on your quiz, they get the recommended product(s) you chose for this particular answer path. 

Don't forget that you can create as many results pages as you want and each of these pages will be absolutely unique: with unique texts, products, answer paths, etc. 

If you don't want to create a custom answer path, you can just skip that step and select the “Any answer” option and the answer path will be Any. It means no matter which option the user chooses while taking your quiz, the result page will include selected product recommendations for them (the products from the result).

Once you saved all the changes of your result, you'll see the following popup:

Click "Add results" if you'd like to continue adding new results to your quiz, or click "Go to settings" in order to style the recently created one.