How do I publish my quiz?

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  • Configuring Online store theme
  • Add to a Dedicated Page
  • Add as a Section on any page
    • Using Online store 2.0
  • Embed in a popup
    • Using Online store 2.0
  • Embed using a code snippet

Quiz Kit allows you to publish your quiz using different methods: on the Home page, the Quiz page, button or link (appears as a popup), or any other page on your Shopify site. In this article, you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

Configuring Online store theme

Firstly, you should configure the theme to which you want the Quiz to be published.

Select your quiz (create one first if you haven't already) and click "Publish" in the toolbar. You'll be landed on the Publish page and can select a theme to publish a quiz:

Also, you can click on "Edit" in the same toolbar and navigate to the Publish page:

On the Publish page, select the theme to publish:

Once you select a theme, Quiz Kit will quickly configure your theme to be compatible with the app:

Add Quiz to a page

Publish the quiz on a specific page by navigating to the Publish Quiz page > select a theme, and click on “Add to a page” in the "Add to a Page" section. Once you do that, you will see the success message "Quiz Name" page is successfully created! Go ahead and check your quiz!”

Add Quiz as a Section on a page

Copy the quiz key and go to the theme by clicking “Preview theme”:

The Theme Editor will now open and you can add the Quiz Kit section to the Home page or any other page that supports sections by clicking "Add section" and selecting "Quiz Kit":

 In order to publish your quiz on the Home page  paste the Quiz key and save it in the Theme Editor!

Using Online store 2.0

If you use Online store 2.0, adding Quiz as a section on a page is pretty much the same. The only difference is the place where you can find the Quiz kit section in the Theme Editor:

Add Quiz as a button/link anywhere

This feature is available for Middle and higher plans. 

Open your quiz and go to the Publish Quiz page. Choose the theme and scroll down the page to the "Embed in a popup", copy Quiz code, and paste it as URL for any button or link on your store. 

Quis will be opened in popup. 

Using Online store 2.0

On the Publish page scroll down to the section "Embed in a popup" and switch to the tab "2.0 themes".

Copy the Quiz key

Open the Theme editor and add the "Start quiz button" block. 

Paste the Quiz key and save your changes:

Embed Quiz with a code snippet to any page

Open your quiz and go to the Publish Quiz page. After that, choose the theme and scroll down the page to "Embed using a code snippet" section.
Copy the quiz code snippet, and click "Preview code editor":
Once the code editor opens, add the code snippet to your desired Liquid file:

Once you do that, choose the template from the dropdown and save all your changes!