How to customize progress bar

Quiz progress bar shows your customers their current progress during answering the questions. 

By default, progress bar has type "Numeric" and shows current question number from the total number of questions:

You can change the default progress bar view to another and customize it on Settings > Styles > Question page > Progress bar:

Quiz Kit allows the next type of progress bar layout styles:

Numeric (default):




Change progress bar layout, color, and font styles as you wish to make your customers' journey through Quiz look fancy:

If your quiz has a big number of questions we advise you to use setting "Questions per step". This will help to decrease number of graphic elements on the question. 

For instance, set  "Questions per step" to 2. Now circle, dash, or box will be filled only when customer will answer two questions:

If your quiz with Conditional logic enabled, then you have to set a certain number of questions in logic chain. That is needed as total number of questions for different customers may vary. You can change number of steps whenever you want. 

Don't forget to save your changes and enjoy your experience with customizing your quiz 🤗