This feature is available for Middle or higher plans. 

Quiz Kit app allows you to show customers their quiz results everywhere!

Once you have already created and published your quiz you can start configuring personalization.

1. Go to the "Personalization" tab and change Status to "Enabled":

2. If you want to show customers their matches instead of the Start Quiz step once they land on the Quiz page or Home page section, enable "Show results if available". Customers can retake quiz from there if needed:

3. You can show customers their matches in popup. 

Set it as the URL for a link on your store. When customers click the link, they will see your Quiz. If customers completed this Quiz before - their matches will show up immediately in a popup. Tutorial video here.

Link will be changed to "My matches" once the customer completes the Quiz. You can change Link Label here and don't forget to save:

Here's how the link will be changed once customer completes the Quiz:

4. You can add the section with Quiz results to Product pages, Collection pages, Home page, Cart page, Account pages. 

Section heading "You may also like" is set by default. You can change it and don't forget to save: