How do I send emails with results to my customers?

This tutorial guides you on how to use Klaviyo to send customers their results email after completing a quiz. This feature available on "Middle" or "Advanced" plans.

Send emails via your personal Klaviyo account.

  1. First, ensure that your Klaviyo integration is enabled. Read this tutorial if you need a hand with this.
  2. We've added additional custom properties that you'll need to use:

    To continue you'll need to be familiar with custom variables
    and email flows
    Setup your email flow depending on when you want to send results email.
    In our example we are sending results emails when customer is added to "Quizzes" list and that customer has "Result title" property.
    Pick any email template that you want to use.
    Then the hardest part comes up - use custom properties to use dynamic data sent from your Quiz Results pages.
    You have access to such variables: "Result title", "Result subtitle", "Result description", "Discount code" and "Products".
    Read again this doc to see how to use variables.
    To go through the products and display the data you need to you "for" cycle: {% for product in person.Products %}...{% endfor %}
    In each product you can pull:
    1) product.title
    2) product.price
    4) product.image

    Use this data and your imagination and build any results pages as you want!
    You'll probably need developer's help to build it.

    When your email template is ready publish your email flow live and all new Quiz customers that will subscribe will get beautiful email with your recommendations!

  3. Send automated emails via Quiz Kit Mailchimp account in 3 clicks.
    This feature available for "Advanced" or higher plan.

    Go to "Settings" page > "Results" tab and update all the texts, logo, and other settings.

Go to "General settings" page and enable email capture form and results email sending. Don't forget to save changes:

Right after that, your customers will start getting emails with results! Examples here.

By default, all the emails will be sent from our Quiz Kit ‑ Shoppable Quizzes development <> email.

If you want to send results from your email address get in touch with us at and we'll send you the additional instructions.