What is products recommendation logic?

Quiz Kit offers three options to determine the logic for showing product recommendations on the Results page. It can be changed on "General Settings" page:

Option 1: Recommend products based on specific combinations of answers

For this option, you manually associate a set of questions and answers to products that are recommended on the Results page. From the "Choose Products" page you'll set Answer paths by answering your quiz as a user would and then choosing what product to show for that particular set of questions. More info on how to configure your quiz using answer paths.

Option 2: Recommend products with each answer a user choose

Instead of choosing Answer paths, you'll simply associate questions with products on the Question creation page. The Results page will show a recommended products for each answer the customer chooses. If your quiz has 5 questions, your quiz will likely recommend 5 products, one for each answer the user chooses. In this scenario, the combination of particular sets of answers is disregarded

Option 3: Recommend products based on specific combinations of answers AND with each answer a user chooses

A combination of Option 1 & Option 2.