How do I pass customers answers to the next question/results?

Quiz kit allows you to pass customers answers to the next questions & results.

How it works?

For example, you've created the input type of question

And want to use customer answer on the next question. The rule is super easy! Just add {1} to the next question title/description

And when customer will go through your Quiz and input the name, it will pass to the next question

Let's make sure you understood the rule!

{1} - means use the answer from Question 1
{2} - means use the answer from Question 2


If you are using logic jumps feature - question number is the number of the question in your logic chain.
For example you have 20 questions. Using logic jumps you have created answer path's with 7 questions total. So even if the index number of your question is 15, you'll need to use another number.

Where can I use previous question answer?

  1. Next Question title/description
  2. Subscribe page title(can be found on "Styles & Settings" > "Translations" page).
  3. Results page subtitle, title, description