How do I create quiz with conditional logic?

Quiz Kit allows you to create conditional logic (or logic jumps) between questions. Conditional logics mean that you send the user to a specific question based on their answer. With this setup, a user's quiz experience is determined by their answers, not the order of the quiz's questions.

Here's how you enable conditional logic:

1. Navigate to Styles & Settings

Once you edit up a quiz, you'll see this at the top of the page:

2. Check "Enable conditional logic"

You'll find it in the Quiz Logic panel:

3. Setup your quiz's conditional logic

After you've created a couple questions, you can set up your quiz so that answers lead you to specific questions. Now that this feature is enabled, you'll see that each of your answers has a "Leads to" select box. In that select box, you'll determine the conditional logic for a particular answer option:

You'll want to spend some time to go through your quiz and determine the logic for each answer option in your quiz. If you don't set any logic for a particular question, the "Results page" will be set by default. 

4. Finish your quiz setup

Configure your results
Customize your quiz's styles -

And finally, Publish your Quiz -