How do I create quiz with logic jumps?

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Logic jumps means that you send the user to a specific question based on their answer. Therefore, a user's quiz experience is determined by their answers, not the order of the quiz's questions.

How to enable logic jumps

Navigate to the Questions page and enable Logic jumps:

How to create a logic chain

After you've created a couple of questions, you can set up your quiz so that an answer leads you to a specific question via the "Leads to" dropdown. Please note you will only see "Leads to" if logic is enabled via settings. 

Please note: if you’ve enabled an option for customers to pick multiple answers on this question you won't be able to assign jumps to the answers directly, as customers may pick the answers with different jumps and system won’t be able to understand where to go. That’s why, if you want to keep that question with multiple selections enabled, you’ll need to set “Leads to” value for the whole question, not per answer

You'll want to spend some time going through your quiz and determining the logic for each answer option in your quiz. If you don't set any logic for a particular question, the "Results page" will be set by default. 

Add labels to questions

You can add an Internal label to each question. This label is a kind of note that helps you to determine, for instance, logic path. These labels aren't visible to your customers

Finish your quiz setup

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