Quiz Kit app allows you to connect with Mailchimp email marketing service and add new customers to desired Mailchimp List. More than that, all the questions & answers that customer chose while going through the quiz will be attached to that customer as custom properties!

How to connect?

This feature available for "Middle" or higher plan, so first you need to upgrade on the Billing page. Then go to Integrations page, you can find it in App left sidebar:

Go to "Mailchimp" section and click "Connect":

In opened popup, insert Mailchimp Api Key to the input field and click "Save".

Go to your quiz Install Settings page:

Scroll down to "Integrations" section, pick Mailchimp List and click "Save":

From that moment all quiz completions will be sent to chosen Mailchimp List as new customers.
In order to set all questions & answers to customer as custom properties click "Important note" at the same section. You'll see a popup with detailed instructions and helpful links.

You are set! All questions & answers will be set as customer custom properties. You'll be able to create segments based on question answers and send emails to needed customer groups!