Where I can find customers data?

Quiz Kit allows you to check the customers' replies to all the quiz questions. It gives you a wide spectrum of opportunities to analyze all the customers' data based on their quiz answers and suggest the most suitable recommended products for them according to their preferences and needs. 

In order to check the Customers analytics, go to "Customers" on the Shopify admin panel:

The first thing you notice once you land on the Customers data page  is the dropdown option with all your created quizzes:

Choose the quiz from the dropdown the analytics of which you'd like to check/collect:

Once you choose the quiz, you'll notice the most viewed products, the three most frequently selected answers for every question in the dropdowns, and the total quiz submissions below the dropdown:

The main part of the Customers data page is the table with all the customers' answers to the quiz questions. 

This table includes the customer email, all the quiz questions with the customer answers, and the recommended product(s) based on the customer answers:

If your quiz includes a huge number of questions, the Customers data table will have many tabs, so you won't be able to see all the customers data on the first page: use the slider option in the upper right-hand corner (see screenshot below) or just use swipe for moving between all the table tabs

If you want to download the table with customer's answers just click on the "Export" button and *.xlsx file will be downloaded: