How do I add questions to my quiz?

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  • Add questions
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With Quiz Kit you can easily create an unlimited amount of questions and question types. In this article, we will explain how to add content to your quiz.  

Quiz builder

Once you create a quiz, the Quiz editor opens. Here you can add and modify your intro section and quiz questions.  

Add Intro page

The Intro page is the first screen your customers will see before they start to take the quiz. 
You can hide the Intro page by selecting the "Disable intro" checkbox. This means the customer will be directed to the first question when starting the quiz:
On the Intro builder, you can add a heading and subheading, modify the CTA, and add an image/background to your quiz, change content alignment:
Once you add all the content, don't forget to save your changes 😊

Add questions

You can add questions to your quiz by selecting the "Add question" box on the Quiz builder page:

Select from one of the available question layouts. There are 7 available question types to choose from: 

Once you do that, you'll be directed to the question editor. From here you can define the question type, layout, question heading & subheading. You can enable and disable users to select more than one answer as well as allow customers to skip this question, add a tooltip, and lots of others settings. 

Feel free to try it all!

Add question options (answers)

Each question must have at least 1 answer. You can add an unlimited amount of answer options by clicking the "Add option" button. Remove options by clicking on the trash icon. 

Preview your quiz

After you create the first question, you can preview your quiz by clicking the "Preview" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the editor