How do I add questions to my quiz?

Quiz Kit allows you to create an unlimited number of questions in just a few steps so you can make a robust quiz in no time.

In this article, you will find all the details on how to add content to your quiz.  

Quiz Dashboard

Once you create a quiz, the Quiz Dashboard will appear. No matter which options you choose for your quiz to create your quiz - through a template or starting from scratch - the quiz dashboard has the same layout to add questions to your store.

Add Quiz Intro

The Intro Page is the first screen your customer will see with they start to take the quiz.

Choose the "Intro" block in the quiz dashboard (see screenshot above) in order to start adding content to this part of your quiz. On this step, you can change the name of your quiz, add its title and description, change the text button, and add an image/background image to your quiz.

All your changes are immediately visible for you on the right-side preview panel (see screenshot below).

Once you add all the content, don't forget to save all your changes and move on to the next step of your quiz :)

Add Quiz Questions

Once you create the Intro page, add all the necessary content, and save all your changes, you can start working on adding questions to your quiz.

From the Intro page, click “Add question” on the upper right-hand corner in the Quiz Editor page:

Choose one of the suggested question layouts that you prefer the most. There are 4 available question types for you: image with text, radio buttons, text box, and slider:

Once you do that, you'll be directed to the question editor:

From here you can change the question type, the layout style, add the question title and description. You can also enable and disable multiple select for all questions in the question editor (see screenshot above). 

Each quiz must have 2 possible answers. You can also add more options by clicking the "Add option" button. They can also be easily removed by clicking on the trash icon (see screenshot below). 

Quiz Kit allows you to add an unlimited number of answers to a question

After you create your first question, you can preview your quiz by clicking the "Preview" icon in the upper left-hand corner of the question editor (see screenshot below). You'll first need to create an Intro page and one question to preview it.