How do I collect phone numbers on my quiz?

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  • Settings for Phones capture step
  • How to change page copy
  • How to collect phone numbers from questions answers
  • Where you can find captured phone numbers

Capture phone numbers and turn your quiz into a powerful lead generation tool! 

Showing email/phone capture is enabled by default on the quiz page "Settings" > "Email/SMS" tab.

Enable capturing phone numbers instead of emails:

In order to disable the newsletter form, go to "Settings" > "Email/SMS" tab, and uncheck the "Show email/phone capture form before results" checkbox.

How to change page copy

You can set the texts for the phone capture field. It can be changed via the "Translations" setting tab:

How to collect phone numbers from questions answers

Using "Input" question type, you can create questions asking customers to provide their phone numbers (don't forget to disable main subscribe step in Quiz settings).
In order to make it work properly, you'll need to insert "phone" value into "Marketing property name" field and enable "Phone field validation".

Where do the email submissions go?

Submissions will be added to the Quiz completions table, and Attentive app if this integration is enabled.